Ban Fracking

The Safety and Health of our community comes first. We are a group of concerned Culver City residents who are working to effect a Ban on Fracking in Culver City and the Inglewood/Baldwin Hills Oil Field.

To Frack or Not to Frack the Baldwin Hills

in & under Culver City & then. . . . .

Our Air, Water and Safety are at Stake

Update from Citizens Coalition for a Safety Community, Frack Free Culver City, Food & Water Watch, Sierra Club, Cal-FrackGroup,Moms against Fracking Dads too!, Transition Culver City, Baldwin Hills Oil Watch and Culver City Democratic Club

What happened

Thank you for your interest in doing something about fracking here in Culver City.
FrackFree Culver City is an ‘ad hoc’ group of concerned LA County residents, living both in and beyond Culver City.
We came together in May when we learned of the June 12th State hearing regarding fracking regulations.

Together with other environmental organizations we were able to pack Culver City Hall with over 400 people – doctors, researchers, chemists, college professors, – people from all walks of life who spoke with one voice – namely to ban fracking if it cannot be proven safe by independent (not industry skewed) research.

On July 2nd we were present at Culver City Hall supporting the City Council’s (5-0) resolution to the State of California for this ban on fracking. We also presented information to the CC School Board, who voted unanimously to support Culver City resolution to the State as well as urging the City to place it own ban on fracking.

Two upcoming events that we ask you to join in preparatory action meetings, and then publicize and attend are:

1. Culver City’s upcoming Oil Field Ordinance revisions.

2. MakeCCSafe’s Ballot initiative to ban fracking

If you would like more information on these, or to take a more active part in our efforts, please contact us here or at the Baldwin Hills Oil website.

What to expect

Legislation can take years and PXP could start fracking before then, as they have already. Unless we act now, we must accept consequences of inaction. Thinking someone else will make things right for you in the event of dangers that have already affected other parts of our country may have you and everyone living around this oil field getting too little too late in respect to damages and possible loss of life. It is two years since the blow-up in the Gulf of Mexico, people are still sick and businesses ailing. Let’s be wise and learn from their tragedy.

Next step
Let the Culver City Council know that you want a ban on fracking in and under Culver City until independent (not industry skewed) research can prove it is safe.

No matter where you live, come tell Mayor Weissman and the Council that you too will take a moral stand with them to address Supervisor Ridley-Thomas and Governor Brown demanding a fracking ban on this very unstable land, the Baldwin Hills/Inglewood Oil Field.

Your presence will help our elected officials remember to put the lives of all 300,000 of us who live around or near this field – to put our lives before any other considerations.

Get the Facts

KCET’s March 23rd episode of news magazine ”SoCal Connected” has  a segment on the controversial fracking technique used in the Inglewood/Baldwin Hills Oil Fields.
The ‘F’ Word: Unregulated Fracking at Oil Wells Raising Concerns
Video courtesy of KCET


For more information

  • Read Sunday, June 24,2012, LA Times, pages A27-28 “Their Shifting landscape” (shows proximity of homes to oil field + pic of house with structural damages owners believe may be oil drilling related)
  • Also read,0,1622100.column(Fracking “tradesecrets”)
  • Websites of groups listed above contain more information.